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Palmerston Budget 2015 2016

Palmerston Budget 2014 – 2015

Palmerston Updated January Budget  Phase 2 2013 – 2014

Palmerston Ave School Council _Phase 1 2013 – 14 Approved Budget

September 2011 final for 2010-2011

September 2010 final for 2009-2010


Budget Process

Palmerston School Council wants your ideas for program enrichment!!!

Twice a year, council looks to you – the school community – for ideas about the allocation of our school council budget. Our budget is achieved through our various council fundraising initiatives: Mayfest, Dance-A-Thon and Pizza lunch with some smaller events, such as bake sales, to assist with specific fundraising goals.

The 2013- 14 school year marked a transition in the budget process.   In previous years, all funds were absorbed at the beginning of the school year and spent accordingly.   A Budget Process Committee (BPC) was established in 2013 in an effort to review the way in which the budget was derived and how funds were allocated.  The committee came back to council with recommendations on best practices on the formulation of the budget with a view of engaging the school community for new budget ideas and initiatives.

Budget Process PowerPoint presentationBPC report to school council and BPC transition year timeline


Council now considers budget allocations in June, near the end of the school year and once all fundraising for the school year has been tallied.  This strategy allows programming to be put in place and ready to go for the beginning of the school year (in September)

A portion of the budget is held back for allocation in October of the following school year. This way the current school council, recently elected in September, can consider new ideas or council can respond to unanticipated situations, requests from teachers, new parents and the administration.

How is the money allocated?

A call for submissions is announced to the school community, including parents and caregivers, the teaching staff and the principals, in advance of both the June and October Council meetings. Ideas for spending the unallocated funds are submitted to council via specifically designed funding request forms. These ideas are circulated to the school community prior to the council budget meeting. At the June and October council meetings respectively, the submissions are discussed and voted on.

Here is the form Palmerston Avenue Public School funding request form-2 to be used to submit ideas for the remaining funds or for future budget consideration

Please submit it to


Remember: no idea is too simple or too outrageous….what do you think would enrich your child(ren)’s education?  Dream for today, tomorrow or a few years down the road.

Thanks for taking the time to help enrich Palmerston !!!


Palmerston Public School Council Budget –  Submission Requests


March 2014: Palmerston Budget Requests

November 2014: Palmerston Budget Requests Nov 2014

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