School Council Committees

Current Council committees:

  • Arts
  • STEM
  • Health and Wellness
  • Library and Literacy
  • Fundraising: Dance-A-Thon, Mayfest and Pizza Lunch
  • Communications


School Clubs:

  • Me-To-We
  • Running
  • Lunchtime Knitting
  • Math
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Junior First Lego League



Arts Committee

Terms of Reference

Role:  The Arts Committee is a sub-committee of the Palmerston PS School Council. The main role is to provide suggestions and guidance to the School administration on artists in the classroom that help support arts-related curriculum requirements


  • To make specific recommendations on preferred arts programming to the school administration
  • To research appropriate artists based on criteria as outlined in Criteria for Arts Programming Selection Appendix A
  • To report back to the Parent Council on committee activities
  • Ensure parents are encouraged to participate and come view the children in arts based programming when possible. To explore creating an annual arts show or other means of disseminating art to parents.
  • Evaluate and assess success of programs/artists with school staff and committee members
  • Encourage arts education at Palmerston school which can include: encourage parent artists to  participate and teach in enrichment clusters, help organize arts shows, set up an arts themed table at Mayfest etc

Membership:  Membership is voluntary-based and open to all parents/guardians of children at Palmerston Ave. Public School. The Committee will strive to have parent representatives from all levels and speciality areas eg., Primary and junior grade levels, as well as from both the English and French Immersion streams. The chair of the arts committee is selected at the beginning of the academic year at a parent council meeting.

Accountability:  The Arts Committee is accountable to the Palmerston Public School Parents Council as well as to all families in the Palmerston School Community. The Arts Committee surveys teaching staff and the admin regarding the benefits/merits of each artist and program brought into the school. Input from teachers, the Admin and parents informs each year’s artist selection. The AC seeks artists from the Ontario Arts Council OAC as it offers “more than fifty funding programs for Ontario-based artists and arts organizations, with funds from the Ontario government.” Please see appendix A (above) for a full list of criteria.

Meetings:  The committee meets on an as-needed basis during the school year. In particular, a series of planning meetings are usually held at the beginning (September) and end of the school year (June – once the Ontario Arts Council [OAC] funded artists has been posted), in order to plan forward and evaluate programming needs from year to year.

Here is the Arts Committee Recommendations for Palmerston 2015 (Revised JH) for the 2015 – 16 school year

Note: it may be subject to change

Committee lead: Ann-Sylvia Brooker



To learn the MANY amazing programs, clubs and events Meggen Janes and the STEM team do, please have a look: STEM Programs at Palmerston 2014 – 2015

Committee lead: Meggen Janes


Health and Wellness Committee


The H+W committee is interested in helping to promote health and wellness initiatives at our school. Over the past year, our newly formed committee has been involved in starting a lunchtime yoga program for the kids and has also brought a nutritious hot lunch program to our school.  If you are passionate about health and wellness, we are in the process of developing/implementing ideas for the next school year and welcome new members who wish to join our committee!

Committee lead: Aviva Allen at

To connect with committee leads, please email: