About School Council

We all know here in Seaton Village that it takes a village to help raise our kids, and that shows in our kid’s success at school.

Parent involvement is crucial to the success of before and after-school clubs and sports teams, to enhancing student’s environmental awareness and practice, to their understanding of and commitment to Social Justice, to incredibly diverse in-class Arts program enrichment and amazing library/literacy programs that help let student’s imaginations soar…and, of course, with the organization and fundraising efforts that paves the way for all this to happen.

Palmerston School Council is committed to fostering a real sense of community at the school, collaboratively engaging with school staff,  parents, and students in open and inclusive processes and communications.  We can all agree: we want what is best for our kids, their school experience and their education. The school council is committed to doing what it can to make that happen.

Here is a list of our current committees led by parent volunteers:

Palmerston School council committees

Arts: Visiting artists offering cross cultural and multi-disciplinary arts enrichment for students from JK – grade 6

Health and Wellness: Yoga, Healthy eating, School lunch programs

STEM: Spring Forward, Math to the Future, Math clubs, science/engineering in the classroom, Junior First Lego League

Literacy/Library: Snowed-In, Silver Birch and Blue Spruce/ Forest of  Reading

Fundraising: Pizza Lunch, Dance-A-Thon, Pop up/Spirit Day sales,

Social Justice: Me-to-We with Mme Roebuck (including the Abundance Program), outreach with Christie Refugee Center, Palmerston Welcomes Refugees – raising awareness and funds on behalf of  Syrian newcomer sponsorship efforts

Communications: Parent Link System, Website/Blog + Parent Engagement


School Clubs, teams and other opportunities:

Palmerston students are fortunate to have talented, dedicated staff who enrich the school experience with house league sports, choir and musical opportunities, dance and musical theatre, who oversee clubs supporting literacy and the arts, environmental awareness and social justice.

These experiences are even more successful with the involvement of Palmerston families. In fact, PALMERSTON NEEDS YOU!     Parents further assist with: Clusters! CPR training, Sports Clubs – like running, anyone?


While we are very fortunate to have parents who can be involved at the school, as volunteers and committee members, we realize that isn’t the case for all. We welcome your input and involvement – in whatever capacity works for you!

So, ideas big or small, we want to hear them! Send us an email with comments or idea(s), stop us in the yard, on the street, or better yet, if you can come to one of our meetings and/or events.

We encourage you to come check out the next Parent Council meeting, to have a chance to meet Mr. Reid and Ms. Xenikakis, and discover ways to contribute or suggest ways to make the school year and even better one for our kids, their teachers and the whole school community.


Important timelines:

September: Welcome back – first council meeting + council elections

October: Budget – Idea submissions for the allocation of residual school year’s funds

April: Projected school numbers – classroom allocations and staffing models

May:  Palmerston Gives + PRO grant ideas.

June: It’s all about the Budget – again – this time for next year’s program funding!



MEETING SCHEDULE: School Council meets throughout the school year.

Please see the school calendar for the next school council meeting or check the announcements blog communications for meeting dates and time.

  • Pizza and childcare are provided to make it possible for busy families to attend. (Please RSVP to this  email  letting us know how many children are coming).


AGENDA IDEAS: If you would like to request to have something on the agenda for discussion at our next school council meeting please email us.

Our school council email address is palmerstonschoolcouncil1617@gmail.com or click on this link for the ADD AGENDA ITEM form.