School Play “PRESS START” needs your help!!

Press Start, this year’s school musical, is reaching out to our parents and community for help in making this year’s performance super awesome!

We are looking for any assistance, like costume donations, help with set and costume making and design, volunteers for the evenings of the final performances and any other talents or support you can bring us.

Here is a list of things that we are looking for:

Costumes and props for characters

Our characters are inspired from video games (Nintendo and Apps) and superhero stories. Any size and in good condition. Here is a list of  characters and the costume items we are looking for.

– Super Mario, Luigi, Princess… and any other characters from the Super Mario games

– body suits, leggings or onesies (solid/single colour)

– dinosaur themed costume

– alien costume

– fox costume

– ninja turtle or regular turtle

– anything Minecraft

– Superhero outfits (Ironman, Capt. America, WonderWoman, etc)

*Costumes are for kids 11-12 years old

**Costumes can be drop off in Drama Room across from main office.


– Makeup and Facepaint (preferably unused in package)


We are looking for any parents that could help in the following areas:

– sewing / wardrobe

– makeup

– set painting and design

– visual effects artists

– monitors and assistance with children backstage and in classrooms (for June performances day/evening)