Principal newsletter from Ms. Upeslacis


April 4, 2018

Dear parents and/or guardians:

Following up on our Superintendent’s note about my role at Palmerston, I would like to thank those who have had an opportunity to say hello and welcome me to the school. As you know, I am filling in for Mr. Reid while he is away; if needed, I can stay at Palmerston until the end of June. That said, I will be away for a family event; Ms. Chater will be filling in from April 5-13. After that, I can be reached by email at  or by calling the office. I am looking forward to meeting many more of you at school events.

I am new to Palmerston and also new to blogging; however, I know this is an important way for you to keep up with all that is happening at school, so I will try to post an entry every few weeks. As well, Ms. Ellis will continue to post specific updates as needed.

One of the annual exercises that make this a busy time is the organization of classes for next year.  In my next blogpost around mid-April, I should be able to share a little bit about that – how many classes at each grade and at which levels there will be split grades. To support our planning, please email me at   as soon as possible if you anticipate your child moving away from Palmerston before September.



The focus of any school is teaching and learning; great things are happening at Palmerston – engaging and innovative teaching which brings out the best in student learning. Just a few highlights:  Ms. Cinello’s JKs are creating their own books and sharing them with others, Mr. McFarland’s Gr.1 students are working on iPad presentations of their work on community helpers, Mme Roma’s Gr.2/3 students are making papier-mache globes that will be used to integrate various strands of the curriculum as we move toward Earth Day, Ms. Mantyla’s Gr.3s are about to embark on a STEM (ScienceTechnology EngineeringMath) project that will have them creating buildings that will be tested to survive a jello earthquake while balancing a hockey puck, Ms. Roebuck’s Gr.4 class is integrating English literacy skill development with critical thinking and environmental awareness as they read and write about the water crisis, particularly in Cape Town, Africa, Ms.Boyle’s Grade 4/5 and 5/6 classes just finished writing and presenting their own Google Slides books, reflecting an important personal experience that shaped who they are today. Mr. Brown’s Gr.6s are working on a Mars inquiry, again a STEM project that also involves critical thinking and lots of hands-on creating. More highlights next time!


CLUBS – some highlights

Knitting club, open to Gr.3-6 continues to meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon in Room 3. When the weather improves, they plan to knit outside. It is wonderful to see experienced knitters helping the newcomers embrace this lifelong hobby! Thanks to parent Yee-Fan for her continued support. More parents and grandparents are welcome to drop in and help out. Thanks, Mme Roma for running this club. Adults interested in helping out, please email Mme Roma in advance, at

The EcoKids have been meeting Tuesdays in Rm.13 to plan ways to make Palmerston even more environmentally friendly. Students have been busy auditing energy use and waste disposal, creating and posting signage to help divert waste from landfill and to lower the school’s environmental footprint. On March 23rd the EcoKids helped Palmerston observe the annual Earth Hour event where students shut off technology and lights, and where many classes went outside to learn. For any guardians/parents interested in being involved (e.g., helping plant a vegetable or indigenous plant/flower garden, etc.), please email:

On Friday, April 20th from 10:30 to 11:25 there will be an Earth Day Assembly in the gym.

Music, music, music Glee club is preparing for the  spring showcase and the many students participating in the school musical, Press Start, are busy rehearsing for the June performance. More in future posts!


Our junior students are very involved in sports teams!

The Swim team has been practicing at St. Alban’s, and now is ready for the meet next Tuesday at Keele Street Public School. Thank you to Ms. Dart who has coached the approximately 50 students on this team! Unfortunately there is no room at the meet for spectators; watch this space for updates and good news!

Badminton. This year, due to the overwhelming number of students trying out for the Grade 6 Badminton team, Palmerston was lucky enough to enter two teams in tournaments! On March 26th, Team 2 won second place and on March 28th, Team  1 won their tournament! Congratulations to both teams for playing so well. Thank you to Ms. McCarthy and Mme Roma for coaching.

Co-ed volleyball This year we were able to field 5 teams which means 32 children staying active and practicing their volleyball skills. Now the tournaments: The Gr.4/5/6 tournament is at Palmerston during the day today, Wed. April 4th. There are separate Gr.6 tournaments today at Parkdale and next Monday, April 9th at Palmerston. Thank you, Mr. Facchinelli!

Thanks for your support of our staff and students!

Ms. Inga Upeslacis, acting principal ( most students call me Ms. U)