Dear parents/guardians of swim team members:


Thank you to all of you for your patience and understanding regarding all the swim team changes here are just a couple of updates for you:


Practices for Swim Team: Wednesday March 28th 11:15-12:15

                                          Thursday March 29th 11:15-12:15 


                                              (might change to 11:30-12:30)


We will most likely have one more practice next week (Wednesday or Thursday) before our meet on Friday April 6th at Harbord CI.

Due to an over enrollment in swimmers and in order that we follow the regulated fire code at Harbord CI they will not be allowing spectators at the meet. The stands will be filled with coaches and participants.


We are also looking for some volunteers who would like to time the swimmers at the meet. We only need 3-4 people so if you are available please contact Mme Dart at beth.dart@tdsb.on.ca.


Thank you,

Your coaches,

Beth Dart and Caitland Ellis