Construction Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last week, construction crews removed the last of their materials and cleaned the yard. On Friday, it was brought to my attention that there was still some construction debris in the playground.  A child had stepped on a nail but fortunately was not injured as it did not pierce her boot.  Our caretaker immediately did a sweep of the playground to ensure the area was safe,  her parents were apprised, and the area was monitored throughout the day.   As well, I contacted the TDSB and the construction company to alert them to the situation.  Subsequently, the construction company examined and cleaned the playground.

Today, I have been informed that a nail and a sharp piece of wood were found in the yard.  Our caretaker has done a sweep of the area, and the construction company has indicated that they will return this evening to remedy this situation.  Our caretaker normally does a sweep of the playground in the morning.  In light of the situation, I have asked him to monitor the playground more closely.

If any more concerns or issues arise, please let me know.