A Summary of the February 5 Community Meeting

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In response to feedback, we have summarized much of the discussion that took place at the February 5 Community Meeting about our roof replacement, and also added some clarifying information.  Please note that we may not have captured every comment that was made.  I hope you find this helpful.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Community Meeting Summary, February 5, 2018

 Application Process

  • A cold application process will be used that will require very little hot asphalt
  • A small portion of the perimeter of the roof will need to be sealed with asphalt which will happen on a weekend
  • During the period when asphalt is being applied, windows and doors will remain closed, air intake openings in the building will be turned off, and the ventilation system will be switched on to recirculate so that no outside air is introduced; this will prevent any odours associated with the process from entering the building


  • The roof has been tested for asbestos; there is no asbestos containing material in the roofing material; there is some chalking around mechanical equipment that is non-fibrous asbestos and will be removed prior to the roofing material being cut using Type 1 procedures; this means that the caulking will be cut with a knife, rolled and placed in asbestos waste bags; there is no risk of this material becoming airborne
  • Testing reports will be available in the main office

Air Quality

  • Air-purifiers will be installed in the building to clean the air; industrial negative air units will be placed in pre-determined areas around the school by the TDSB Assistant Project Supervisor; the units contain a HEPA filter which filters out particulate from the air and a charcoal filter which filters odour
  • In addition circulation fans will be placed around the school to increase air circulation throughout the building
  • Filters will be checked on a regular basis to ensure that these machines are working effectively and changed if they become dirty
  • A third party environmental consultant will be onsite the first day of active work to ensure all preventative measures are in place (that pertain to air quality controls) and if deemed necessary will conduct air sampling; air sampling is normally conducted on the first day of asphalt use; since there is no asphalt currently scheduled to be applied during occupied times, this is not necessary

Fenced Off Areas

  • The section of the yard at the north east corner of the building will be closed off with six foot safety fencing
    • Within the fenced area, the Contractor will place a waste bin, hoist and portable washroom; the hoist is a pulley/wrench system which will be installed and secured at the top of the building. No students or staff will be able to access the area below the hoist
    • A chute will be installed, if possible; if the Contractor cannot use a chute due to the building design, materials will be contained and lowered down into the waste bin; the bin will be covered to prevent dust from escaping the bin
      • Because of the weather conditions, it is most likely that roofing debris will be wet and frozen; this will further reduce dust becoming airborne
    • No students/staff are allowed in the fenced off area; no person will be directly under the hoist
    • The top section of the annex has a three foot high parapet; this will ensure that materials are contained on the roof
    • The lower section of the roof on the east side will have a fence and mesh material installed so as to ensure that materials do not fall, and prevent dust and debris from falling over the edge of the roof
    • Work will stop if the wind is blowing 25 km/h or more
    • As a further precaution, students/staff will be kept away from the building
      • Safety tape will be used to cordon off a five-foot area along the perimeter
      • Sections will only be cordoned off when the areas above are being repaired

(Subsequent to the meeting, based on feedback, we are reviewing the dimensions of this perimeter – more information to come as it becomes available)

Work Schedule

  • At 7:00, the roofing company will send an email indicating if they are working that day, what area of the roof will be worked on and other relevant information
  • From 7:00 – 8:30, the existing roof will be scored
  • From 9:00 – 11:00, the roof that has been scored will be removed and delivered to the bin using the chute or hoist (see above)
    • When the bin is filled with debris, a truck will come to empty the bin
      • The office will be notified and an announcement will be made stating that nobody is to enter the field
      • Trucks will enter the schoolyard and empty the bin
        • Flagmen from the roofing company will be around the truck monitoring the surrounding area
      • After emptying the bin, the truck will leave the schoolyard
      • An announcement will be made stating that the playground is available for use
  • From 11:00 on, the new roof will be installed
  • TDSB’s Facilities and Health and Safety teams will monitor the new project as it progresses.
  • The project will isolate a different section of the roof on each day and proceed until the entire roof is replaced

Entry and Egress

  • Students/Staff will use the south entrance to enter and exit the building
  • The north exit will only be used as an emergency exit
  • In the event of a fire alarm, workers will immediately stop all work; students will be able to exit from the north end of the building
  • In the event of a Lockdown, the school will follow normal Lockdown procedures; to ensure their safety, workers will remain on the roof of the building until the Lockdown has concluded
  • All playgrounds, except for the hockey court, will be open
    • We will monitor the entrance to the South playground; if this entrance is negatively impacted by the five foot safety perimeter (see above), a temporary entrance will be created


  • Construction will begin in the near future, weather permitting
  • We will receive 7 days’ notice prior to the beginning of the work, followed by a 48 hour notice of the Contractor’s plans to mobilize; mobilization includes bringing the bin, portable washroom and all other materials to the school; the next step is for them to conduct a safety setup; this may include guardrail systems, dust control mesh and fast fence
  • Crews will require approximately 16 working days to finish the job, contingent on weather


  • We will apprise parents of the start date when this information is relayed to us
  • We will send out a daily email to apprise parents the area of the roof that is being worked on
  • Other relevant information will be sent out as it becomes available
  • A binder with all documentation pertaining to this project will be available at the school