Spirit of the Season….

First, a HUGE thank you for all your generous donations for the lovely handmade cards and Bake Sale at the Winter Concert! Yesterday, we were pleased to deliver $916 to the Christie Refuge Centre!!! The outpouring of goodwill and festive spirit in our community is truly overwhelming.

And in the similar spirit of giving, we are initiating a donation drive for the kindergarten classes. As most of you know, the toys and implements in these classes experience the highest level of use, and replacements are always needed. Items include:

  • pillows for reading area
  • bins for materials
  • toy trucks, cars, vehicles
  • babies, dolls and doll clothes
  • plastic people and animals
  • marble runs and marbles
  • buckets, watering cans and shovels for sand/water play
  • toy dishes and play food
  • dress-up clothes
  • cookie cutters, rolling pins and stamps for play dough
  • fabric cut and sewn into different shapes
  • primary/kinder french books and Barbapapa books

During the break, if you could peruse your collections at home and see if there may be a few gently used items from this list that you be willing to contribute, the kinder teachers would be VERY thankful!!! We’ll be posting a Google Doc in the next week so you can check off items for the various classes. In the new year, please feel free to bring the donations directly to the teachers who’ve asked.

Very warmest wishes for a relaxing, fun-filled, and rejuvenating holiday and all the best for the new year!