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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Next week, approximately 90 students in our Glee Club will be attending the Marlies Hockey Game at the Arena.  In addition, they will be caroling during the intermission.

It is not possible at this time to send an email via the Online Payment System (please see below) to the 90 Glee students in the various classrooms.  Unfortunately, we can only send an email across the school.

If your child is not in the Glee Club, please disregard this email.  Our apologies for any confusion.


Matthew and Caitland


Hello __________,

The following items are now available for purchase for each of your students:

Item Name Price Due Date
Glee Club Marlies Game – 2017/2018 $17.00 Dec/15/2017

Note: Final prices may vary depending on options chosen.

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