Construction Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The South Playground will be available for use starting tomorrow morning.  Kindergarten parents will be able to access the South playground from the regular Euclid Avenue entrance (enter off Euclid, turn right at the gate, and go through the West Playground to the South Kindergarten Playground).  As well, the South Playground can be accessed from the main schoolyard by the usual entrance.

Kindergarten teachers have been apprised of this change, and will meet students tomorrow morning in the South Playground.  The dropoff location may change – please look for your child’s teacher and ECE tomorrow morning and they will show you the new pickup and drop-off location.

The North Doors will be closed (please note that they will continue to function as a fire exit in case of an emergency).  Students, staff and parents will only be able to access the building using the South Entrance for the duration of the construction.  In order to ensure safety, please “park” strollers away from the south stairs and from the entrance to the South Playground.

Construction will continue on the exterior portion of the building for the month of December, and scaffolding will be removed the first week of January.


Matthew and Caitland