November 6, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Due to permit delays, Codezilla will be starting at a later time – exact date to be determined.  Sherry from Codezilla will be contacting those parents who have signed up online.

Have a good week,

Matthew and Caitland

Upcoming Dates

  • Pizza Lunch – November 8
  • Progress Reports home – November 14
  • Interview Night – Thursday, November 16
  • Interview Day – No school for students – November 17
  • Photo Retake Day – November 22
  • Remembrance Day Assembly – Friday, November 10 at 10:30
  • Deadline for SK French Immersion Applications – November 30

This Week:

  • Lunch Lade update
  • Conversational French Courses for Beginners

Lunch Lady Update

This year,  Lunch Lady has extended their days of service at Palmerston to 4 days.  However,  enrolment in the Lunch Program is low.  Lunch Lady will continue to provide service for four days a week for the month of November, but if they current enrolment continues, they will need to scale back their service to two days.   For more information, please go to

Conversational French Courses for Beginners

Please see below for more information.